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“You’re Never Too Old For CAMP” contest is on! Win a signed copy of CAMP.

Check out "50 Going on 15: Why the best new fiction for adults is written for teens" in The AARP Magazine. Then go to Amazon and pre-order Elaine’s young adult novel, CAMP, which will be published in June. As the AARP article states, "teen lit...isn't just for the young....A good book is a good book, whatever the category." Buy CAMP

You might want to take a look at               “Soul-searching sentiments”, an article from  the Hampshire Gazette about what a school did on Valentine’s Day to combat bullying.

Read Elaine’s award-winning short story,
“In the Pink” .

Read Elaine’s short story, “Man in the Mall”, which ranked in the top 10 in the Hampshire Life Short Fiction Contest 2010.

Author Interviews

CAMP: a coming-of-age novel about a high school girl who faces bullying at summer camp as she begins to discover the truth about her mother, who holds a dark secret.

(Sky Pony Press)

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DANNY’S MOM: a novel about a mother who risks her career and her marriage when she speaks out against bullying and homophobia in the explosive high school in which she works as a guidance counselor.

(Arcade Publishing) 




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