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Check out "50 Going on 15: Why the best new fiction for adults is written for teens" in The AARP Magazine. Then go to Amazon and pre-order Elaine’s young adult novel, CAMP, which will be published in June. As the AARP article states, "teen lit...isn't just for the young....A good book is a good book, whatever the category." Buy CAMP

You might want to take a look at               “Soul-searching sentiments”, an article from  the Hampshire Gazette about what a school did on Valentine’s Day to combat bullying.

Read Elaine’s award-winning short story,
“In the Pink” .

Read Elaine’s short story, “Man in the Mall”, which ranked in the top 10 in the Hampshire Life Short Fiction Contest 2010.

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CAMP: a coming-of-age novel about a high school girl who faces bullying at summer camp as she begins to discover the truth about her mother, who holds a dark secret.

(Sky Pony Press)

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DANNY’S MOM: a novel about a mother who risks her career and her marriage when she speaks out against bullying and homophobia in the explosive high school in which she works as a guidance counselor.

(Arcade Publishing) 




fighting bullying one novel at a time

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CAMP and DANNY’S MOM are featured in The Jewish Voice.

CAMP makes top ten YA fiction!

CAMP wins the Forward National Literature Award!

Splash Magazine features CAMP and DANNY’S MOM.

Check out this feature story in 429 Magazine, which highlights Danny’s Mom and my mission to make our camps and schools kinder, gentler places.

The LGBTQ community embraces Danny’s Mom. Check out this write-up in Chicago’s GRAB Magazine!

“The Anti-Bullying Novelist” makes it to

The Republican and masslive ran a feature story about CAMP, Danny’s Mom, and my anti-bullying campaign.

Check out my letter to the editor of The New York Times.

DANNY’S MOM is featured on

CAMP makes it to Publishers Weekly Bullying Resources: A Selected Listing.

DANNY’S MOM and CAMP are featured in The Springfield Republican.

Read a story about me and my novels in The Jewish Ledger.

See the CAMP write-up in Hampshire Life.

Read the CAMP article in the Anton Newspapers’ Camps & Schools section.

An article in Jewish Woman Magazine mentions CAMP. (Check out pointers #4 and #5.)

Read my award-winning short story, “In the Pink.”

Read my short story, “Man in the Mall,” which ranked in the top 10 in the Hampshire Life Short Fiction Contest.

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CAMP and DANNY’S MOM make school and library summer reading lists nationwide!