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Known as “the anti-bullying novelist,” I write about what really goes on behind the closed gates and doors of our camps and schools. The issues I explore in my novels are those I am passionate about and know well.

I was a camper and camp counselor for many summers. When I entered “the real world,” I taught in public schools in California and New York. In my most recent teaching position, I served as a high school reading/language arts specialist, and then I became the district language arts chairperson. In that position, I designed and supervised reading/writing programs for students at all grade levels, facilitated reading groups and writers’ workshops, and selected books for classroom libraries as well as for ancillary and summer reading lists.

One of my greatest joys was getting wonderful books into the hands of students, teachers, and parents. In the time before Kindles and iPads, I spent countless hours stocking shelves with “good reads.” And I dreamed of seeing my books on those shelves. Now I am thrilled that CAMP and Danny’s Mom are there.

Although critics call my novels “mesmerizing” and “must-reads,” what pleases me more than great reviews is the fact that CAMP and Danny’s Mom have given me a literal bully pulpit –– a platform from which to carry on the anti-bullying conversation so that, in concert with professionals, we will make our camps and schools kinder, more embracing communities for everyone. I’m committed to keeping this conversation going until the bullying epidemic ends.

My husband and I raised our children in Roslyn, New York, where I was a co-facilitator of an adult writers’ workshop. Then we moved to Northampton, Massachusetts, a community brimming with readers, writers, artists, and musicians. Shortly after settling in there, I won a prize for short fiction (the perfect welcome for me). And now we live in Los Angeles, California. The adventure continues!



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